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A band of brothers who come from nothing and are fighting for something. To rebel, with a cause in mind to rise from the rubble. 

“We know where we’re heading, but we never forget our roots.” – QueensWealth

In our quest to rise up, our weapon of choice; Men’s grooming.



 …Step inside a unique place that blends the tradition and nostalgia of the old-world barber shop with the modern comforts and aesthetics of today’s world.

Whether you’re looking to get a great haircut or to treat yourself to a relaxing  shave, one visit to QueensWealth will make you feel like you’re meeting an old friend and you’ll wonder how you didn’t discover us sooner.


The Don. The Boss. The founder. Ameer Sevener is a visionary who walks the talk. Oh and he likes Artic Monkeys

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The Co-Founder of Queenswealth. He wants you to look awesome. Jo will hook you up with the latest trendy haircuts. Ask him anything about Pop Culture and he will probably know a thing or two

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The prettiest of the bunch. She cuts your hair with precision and style. Never doubt her skills! You'll leave the barbershop looking fresher than ever!

Ask her anything about music.

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A barber with a good heart. Kent teaches classes over the weekend and leads Queenswealth's CSR projects. He cares for every strand of your hair. Ask him anything about how to look cool

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