Coming from a difficult background, Ameer, Founder & Co-Owner of Queenswealth has seen the dark side of life at a young age as people around him were involved in drugs, gangs & violence. People around him constantly looked down on him and friends alike.

Fortunately, he met a few neighbours and quickly realized how smart and talented these individuals were. However, due to the lack of opportunity and self-belief to pursue their goals and dreams, they never thought they stood a chance.


Ameer believed that in order to help his friends realize their own potential and self-worth, a sense community was needed. A group of people who help support each other and develop a “professional growth mindset” which instills confidence and self-belief; starting with a haircut. A community that believes that how you see yourself is more important than how others see you.


The psychological effect after a haircut on most parts has always been a positive one. Along with a group of friends living in the area of Commonwealth & Queenstown who want to serve a community, Queenswealth was born. Barbering became a platform to help build a community that encourages people to believe in themselves and know their self-worth. The barbers at Queenswealth want to let people know that with confidence, you can pursue your goals and dreams despite the lack of advantage or opportunity.


The Don. The Boss. The Founder. Ameer Sevener is a visionary who walks the talk. Oh and he likes Artic Monkeys

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Firmancis is an artist. He is passionate about his craft. Your hair is his canvas. Let him run wild!

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The prettiest of the bunch. She cuts your hair with precision and style. Never doubt her skills! You'll leave the barbershop looking fresher than ever!

Ask her anything about music.

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A barber with a good heart. Kent teaches classes over the weekend and leads Queenswealth's CSR projects. He cares for every strand of your hair. Ask him anything about how to look cool

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