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our humble story

"Coming from a broken family and rough childhood, Ameer, Founder & Co-Owner of Queenswealth had seen the dark side of life at an early age, especially with drugs, gangs & violence. The neighbourhood that he was living in didn’t help either as the people who live there more or less came from the same background.

Most people he knew, especially in school, looked down on him and those who were born into a similar family background. Fortunately for him, he made friends with a few of them living in his area and quickly realized how smart, talented and nice individuals they are, with great potential to make something of themselves. The only thing that was hindering them was the lack of advantage or opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams, and because of that, they were too afraid to believe in themselves and in their own abilities.


Ameer believed in order to help his friends and others of the same background realize their own potential and self worth, a community was needed. A community that helps to grow and groom them, to develop a “professional growth mindset” which instills confidence and self-belief, starting with a haircut. A community that believes that how you see yourself is more important than how others see you.

The psychological effect after a haircut on most part has always been a positive one. Combined with a group of friends from Commonwealth & Queenstown that cares for the community and the mindset to grow, that was how Queenswealth was born. Barbering became a platform to help build a community that believes in themselves and knows their self-worth, who are confident enough to pursue their goals and dreams despite the lack of advantage or opportunity."

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