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Ameer, the passionate and dedicated Founder of Queenswealth, loves to teach barbering as much as he loves to give great haircuts. He was blessed with great mentors and friends along the way and loves how the barbering community has grown over the years. In order to grow the community as well as the craft, Ameer started to consider starting up an academy to share his knowledge with anyone who would be interested in the craft.

The collabration with Back Alley Barbers kickstarted this journey that has brought us to where we are today.

We believe in giving back to the community and always doing things with a purpose.

Queenswealth Academy allows us to do exactly that.



Kent and Syafiq were incredibly fun, patient and professional instructors! I attended a basic barbering course at Queenswealth in early 2020 and was surprised at how much I learnt in just 8 weeks. They helped me demystify the art of barbering and made lessons a lot of fun :) highly recommended to all prospective students!

I took part in Queenswealth's Barber Academy as its 11th batch of students to be trained as a volunteer barber with Backalley Barbers. The lessons were thoroughly enjoyable because the trainer-student ratio was 1:4. This allowed Kent, our main trainer, to be available for our questions as we practise on our hair models. Kent's often astute pointers also gave our hair models confidence. I'm also thankful for the structured program, patient training and friendly atmosphere that made learning so enjoyable and effective. Thanks guys, you are the best!

I was from their Batch 12 .I enjoyed coming to class every Sunday.It was a fun and nurturing with an awesome trainer, Master Ken.Do dm them if you guys want to start your barbering journey.✌

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